The Path to Unlimited Success in Life & Business

5 Breakthrough Teachings

w/ Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan


I want to accelerate my life and business with God.

TRAILBLAZER, are you at your breaking point?


It happens. You get so consumed by the day-to-day hustle to achieve greater wins and make more money that one day you look up and realize that:

  • You’re pouring from an empty cup.
  • Key relationships in your life are in crisis.
  • Behind-the-scenes, your personal life is crumbling.
  • Your spiritual life could use more than a reset.
  • You’re beyond tired and ready to throw in the towel.

The thing is: Success in business flows to you almost effortlessly — you have the receipts to prove it.

 But, when the cheering crowds clear, the awards are put on a shelf, and the public attention fades…
…the outward success you’ve come accustomed to wearing doesn’t match the inward chaos and embarrassment you silently feel and hide.

 VISIONARY — You deserve to have it all, but something deeper — on a soul level — is holding you back.


Your soul isn’t at peace, and it’s putting a damper on your success.

You’ve prayed through the disconnect… you’ve pushed past the feelings… you’ve relied on sheer will to keep making things happen.

Now, it’s time to confront the issue head-on to RESTORE YOUR MISSING PEACE!

God is calling you to execute a BIGGER vision, and you’re more than ready to own the assignment. 

But until you get in spiritual alignment, you won’t be able to break through the invisible barrier that’s currently blocking ease and abundance from flowing into every area of your life, business and relationships.

Join the only 5-day challenge personally designed for Trailblazing Entrepreneurs to get you connected to the divine guidance you need to tap into unshakable success in EVERY area of your life.

Reclaim Your Peace NOW

The Markers of the Kingdom Visionaires These Teachings Were Curated For 

You’ve achieved impressive success in business that often places you on a public pedestal, but you feel like you’re failing in areas of your personal life.

You know you’re being called to the forefront to do amazing work in the world, but you constantly feel lost trying to navigate who you are.

You’re experiencing a major transition in your life that’s forcing you to reevaluate, realign, and redefine your trailblazing identity.

You are a servant leader who always puts others first, but the results you want to create within your own life don’t match the effort you’re putting in.

You’re the definition of success, but what you truly want is to have the accolades AND the peace. You’re tired of hiding from the spiritual and relational gaps that you know are stealing your joy.

This is your time to get access to the right spiritual guidance, the right prophetic teachings, and the right soul healing to restore and realign your family, mind, spirit, business, and public persona.

I'm Ready to Commit to My Personal Growth and Healing

Five Teachings of Spiritual Empowerment to Close Your Success Gaps

In each teaching, you’ll experience powerful activation, and prophetic prayer with Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan that will give you undeniable clarity and spiritual direction to greater alignment, fulfillment, and success in your life.

Meet Your Spirtual Alignment Coach

Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is a prophetic advisor and coach, intercessor, entrepreneur, and apostolic visionary leader. For more than a decade, she has catapulted business leaders and organizations across the globe into greater positions of influence, productivity, and profitability by teaching them how to align with purpose and hear the voice of God. 

Dr. Jordan has an apostolic grace to bring divine order, and a disruptive anointing to lead change, speak truth to power, and impart God’s wisdom with authority and demonstration. Her highly unique spiritual gifts enable her to transform trailblazing leaders, so that they can boldly walk in their God-given assignments and command any marketplace.

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Your Breakthrough Is Waiting

These five teachings will spiritually propel and position you to step into the continuous flow of personal and professional success that God has made available to you.

You can have flow, ease, AND abundance in every area of your life — not just your business only.

 You don’t just need it. 

You deserve it.

Your God And The CEO Pricing



  • 5 Powerful Teachings
  • Companion Workbook Included
  • Close Success Gaps
  • Revelation & Growth



  • 5 Powerful Teachings
  • Companion Workbook Included
  • Close Success Gaps
  • Revelation & Growth