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Level up at KOMPASS University®. KU is no ordinary university, it is multi-directional. Shift the coordinates of your thinking and change the trajectory of your NEXT.



Discipleship is the formula for global success in the Kingdom of God.

Barriers are eradicated through comprehensive online interaction. KOMPASS University® is endowed with the resources and wisdom to catapult an innovative generation of leader's that will multiply in their province of authority and influence.





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We are building a thriving network of marketplace and ministry professionals that love Jesus and want to see one another successful and whole. Please feel free to network, talk among yourselves and testify of the goodness of God. (No marketing of products or services). We are here to grow together, encourage one another and be a support to each other as we advance the Kingdom of God.

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Live your best life while you expand your mind and thrive in greatness. Do you have a vacation planned? Are you attending a game changing seminar? Are your work hours and commute long? Don't let that stop you from leveling up .

The possibilities are endless you can turn in assignments and participate in course work from virtually anywhere. DOWNLOAD THE APP.



KU WEBINARS Cover a montage of targeted topics to assist in the growth and development of emerging leaders in life and business. We are dedicated to maximizing your online experience. We have implemented various strategies to fortify you at every level as you walk through the diverse modules of your destiny.


Our founder, Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is an executive and life coach that has hundreds of hours coaching high profile professionals and industry leaders. She would love to do a 1:1 with you to bring alignment and clarity to you and your organization. Schedule your session today. 


What's Being Said

" I have experienced the peace of God, that has been consistent like never before since engaging in Just Pray Bootcamp and Life Without Limits Mentorship."

- S. Smith

"I loved the spiritual warfare training and community experience. I now pray with a spiritual awareness, that I didn't have before."

- D. Ross

"Since participating in monthly teachings and prayer sessions, my life has changed. I begin to receive what I had been praying and asking God for. "

-V. Wilson

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