Mindset Mastery

This life changing course will expose and eradicate strongholds, command alignment, fulfillment and bring forth the transformation in your thinking that is needed to believe God. You’ll walk in freedom and be positioned to manifest every one of His promises to you.

“We are directly responsible for what we choose to think about and dwell on, and we make these decisions in the privacy of our own thinking”

- Dr. Caroline Leaf

On-Demand Virtual Sessions

3-weeks of intensive interactive live Mindset Mastery sessions.


Meditate what you have acquired even after the sessions are over.






Biblical Meditation

Learn to create your sanctuary, wherever you may roam. 

“Your existence is evidence that this generation needs something that your life contains.”

- Dr. Myles Munroe






Elevated Thought Process

Match the flow of your space with how you think about your day. 

Unlock God-given Potential

Command alignment, fulfillment and bring forth the transformation in your thinking.


Illuminate your thinking and enhance the way of digesting outside stimuli. 

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All The Tools You Need To Catapult You Into Groundbreaking Divine Perception.

In this course Dr. Tiffany will  teach you how to align your thoughts with what God has written about you. Dr. Tiffany will be walking you through the process of biblical meditation & creating new images on the inside of your soul. Why? Because you live from the inside out. 

Mindset Mastery


Pay In Full

  • Paradigm shift
  • Expose and eradicate strongholds
  • Breakthrough
  • Biblical meditation
  • Walk in freedom