Virtual Training

Biblical Teaching


Fervent prayer

8-weeks of live, engaged interactive sessions.

Targeted and transformative lessons.

Creating a lifestyle of focus, freedom and establish an intimate relationship with God.

Life changing prayer experiences.

What is Spiritual Wholeness Training?

Spiritual Wholeness Training was designed to identify and remove spiritual roadblocks and boundaries as well as to equip individuals to walk in a new level of authority with clarity and assurance that God has given divine instructions that must be executed. Dr. Tiffany will be sharing some of the divine revelations and strategies that God has given her to win battles and consistently see victory and increase!

Meet the instructor

Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is a prophetic advisor and coach, intercessor, entrepreneur, and apostolic visionary leader. For more than a decade, she has catapulted business leaders and organizations across the globe into greater positions of influence, productivity, and profitability by teaching them how to align with purpose and hear the voice of God.

Dr. Jordan has an apostolic grace to bring divine order, and a disruptive anointing to lead change, speak truth to power, and impart God’s wisdom with authority and demonstration. She is deeply passionate about training people of faith to flow effortlessly from the pulpit to the boardroom. She is anointed and called to empower Kingdom leaders to confidently and boldly walk in their God-given assignments in the marketplace. 

What's Included In Spiritual Wholeness?
What People Are Saying...

E. Wilson

"It wasn't until after Spiritual Wholeness Training that I realized, 
that I was created to be as bold as a lion and that trauma in my childhood is what the enemy was using to silence my voice."

D. Baptiste

"I have been exposed to things that I never learned about growing up in the church. Now I have a better understanding of the Bible, Who God is, and who God is transforming me to be."

B. Munoz

Spiritual wholeness training has completely transformed my life.  A year ago, I suffered a stroke. I was not able to communicate with my family, but with signs and gestures, I asked my husband to email Dr. Tiffany and asked for prayer. I know God heard their prayers because I was able to talk again after 4 days and fully recovered in three months. 


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